Mab Jones and Anthony Fairweather are both fast-paced and funny performance poets, well-used to strutting their stuff on-stage and stunning audience members all over the UK.

However, they both share one interesting trait in common – both have (and still do) suffer from challenges to their verbal ability, namely, Selective Mutism (Mab), and a speech impediment (Anthony).

This hasn’t stopped them from winning numerous awards and accolades though. English gentleman Anthony and Welsh ‘lady’ Mab have performed on television and radio, at poetry and comedy events, in the UK and abroad; but most importantly, they have successfully used spoken word and poetry performance to overcome their unusual verbal challenges.

You are invited to the show – entitled ‘That’s Easy for You to Say!’ – to witness the topical two spout and shout, perform complex verbal gymnastics, and wax lyrical on a host of themes in their inimitable and uniquely entertaining charm offensive style…

Anthony trying to provide the charm – Mab definitely providing the offence!


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